Relapse. The most dreaded word in recovery and the most misunderstood event also. How many times have you talked to people who have relapsed and they can’t really tell you why? They might talk about some general ideas of things that happened leading up to it or maybe they put themselves in a compromising position and were unable to resist when the sudden temptation hit. But is that really why people relapse?

In this episode, I want to talk about relapse and how many of the things we have been taught about relapsing and relapse prevention may actually be setting us back on our journey.

We will discuss why so many people relapse and don’t know the reasons why, how come some people are able to stay sober without much difficulty and others become chronic relapsers, and why alcohol, drugs, life events, society, the people in your life and your surroundings are not the reason people relapse.

You will learn how to understand your recovery better, ways to learn from the speedbumps along the way and be able to create a solid foundation that doesn’t crumble to the point where picking up seems like the only solution.