Most people don’t have a plan for getting sober and simply try to wander through life.  They just decide one day today is the day to get sober.  They might kind of know where they want to go, but do not have directions on how to get there.  They simply wander around hoping that one day they will find a place where they are in a life free of their addiction.

Then when things get painful or even slightly uncomfortable they give up because they don’t know where they are going.  Recovery can be difficult, recovery is overwhelming at times, it is very easy to get off track, and if we don’t have an idea of where we are going and how to get there, it can be very easy to get so lost that the only plan that seems logical at the time, is to simply turn around and go back to where we started.

That is how people get stuck in the relapse cycle of recovery.  It isn’t from triggers, alcohol being a huge presence in our society, life events, lack of support from family or friends, stress or anxiety, or any of the other reasons we usually blame our relapses on.   Those are simply hazards along the way but if you know where you are going and how to get there, they are simply detours and not something that gets us completely lost.

When we have a plan though and are focused on our destination, life is more like a navigation app.  When we get detoured, it simply reroutes us back to our destination.

I want you to become the person that is actively chasing your dreams, checking off boxes of things you want to accomplish, finding ways to overcome your challenges, and growing into the person that is always pushing through those difficult moments of life, knowing that you will come out the other side stronger.

Which life sounds better to you?  The one where you are struggling to simply just be sober and spending most of your time and energy focusing on everything that is wrong, or the one where you are sober and happy because you are chasing and accomplishing your dreams?

So imagine it, name it, write it down, actively plan it, and start moving towards it. You are one decision away from changing your whole life and your destination is not as far as it may seem, so get started today.  Starting with this episode.