Don’t underestimate the effects of a small change.

One of the biggest obstacles I see people face when trying to get and stay sober is they think they must turn their entire life around with one big grand gesture.

Even the smallest pebble dropped in the middle of a pond can cause ripples that can reach the shore.

What if today you decided to just change a few things about your mindset?  You will be amazed the long-term effects of simply changing a few ways you talk and think.

Instead of saying “I can’t” say “I will try”.  I have quit both drinking and smoking without committing to quitting forever.  I simply committed to trying.  The results that came from trying is what motivated me to not pick up again.

Instead of “I always mess things up” commit to “I am going to learn from my mistakes”. 

For one week, commit to monitoring your words and thoughts.  Catch the negative and victim speak and change it to positive empowering statements. 

Don’t worry if you believe it yet.  Just make the commitment to the small change of replacing a few words and statements and see what happens.

Just drop that small pebble the pond and you might just be amazed at how far the ripples travel.