I will stop tomorrow.  Monday.  Next month.  New Year’s Day.  As soon as I get done with this one thing.

You know how the story goes.  You have something you desperately want right in front of you, but you hesitate to start.

You keep setting new deadlines and one-by-one each deadline passes only to turn into another one down the road.

We are only blessed with so many tomorrows and nobody knows how many each of us gets.

Whatever choice is weighing on your mind doesn’t deserve to take up another one of your precious tomorrows. Get really clear on “the why” you want to quit. When the fear, doubt and hesitation comes and the word “tomorrow” creeps into your head again, focus on your motivation. Make that more powerful than the excuses.

The time has come for you to step into the next level of your destiny.

Choose TODAY to make the change.