In this episode, I want to talk about whether you need to give up your old friends and other things in your life when you get sober.

I know many people struggle with giving up the people, places, and things that existed in their old life. One of the most common questions people ask me when they are first sober is whether they can still hang out with their friends that they partied with, can they still go to their old bar to listen to that one band they like, and do they need to give up old friendships or relationships that they had when they were drinking or using.  Rather than asking whether we can keep things the same life minus the booze, I think the better question is to ask why would we want to hold onto that old life so desperately.

You will find this episode helpful if you have struggled with the following questions:
Do I have to give up my friends when I quit drinking?
Do I have to change everything when I get sober?
Can I still go to the bar after I quit drinking?
Can I be around alcohol after I get sober?